In 2016 I created a template for the DAW Ableton Live for the purpose of composing and performing electronic music. The primary goal was to create a tactile system that allowed the user create and perform music across a number of musical styles, without ever having to touch a mouse or keyboard. 

Loops form the basis of theses performances; stacking musical layers together creates a dynamic and interactive composition. This was achieved through sophisticated midi mapping and channel routing; alongside a host of plug-in instruments and audio effects. Providing a electronic instrument that allowed the user to perform, loop, improvise and mix compositions seamlessly.


The template featured 8 midi controlled polyphonic instrument channels, a built in self-sampler that allowed the user to perform edits to the composition as recorded audio and a host of audio effects processors after the fact to create a dynamic performance tool.   

Below you can find three video of myself performing compositions I have written using the performance template and a .pdf document that briefly outlines the controls:

Midi Controls


Talk to Frank - Collaboration